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Move Over Iron Man, Hilti Introduces the EXO-01 Wearable Exoskeleton

August 11th, 2020 | by NEWCA

Tool maker Hilti has revealed its first foray into wearable human augmentation devices geared to not only reduce strain, fatigue and injuries, but with an eye to helping address the industry’s workforce shortage as well.

The EXO-01 is designed to “help commercial contractors, tradesman and management alike tackle health and safety as well as labor shortage challenges,” according to a press release from Hilti. To create the wearable exoskeleton, Hilti worked with Ottobock, a global leader in prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons.

"We want to improve the health and safety of our customers, directly impacting jobsite productivity – so they can stay on time and on budget,” head of business unit diamond systems at Hilti Johannes Huber said. “Customers that embrace innovation and invest in the latest health and safety technology will be better able to attract and retain the best people as well as keep their jobsites productive.”

The EXO-01 is in real-world jobsite testing currently, and Hilti hopes to bring the new exoskeleton to market later this year.

The manufacturer noted that if exotech, like the EXO-01, is going to be fully embraced it will require a focus on people and organizational change management. To facilitate that Hilti will offer implementation, training and support services on site for their customers and their customers’ teams.

Hilti stated in their release that while the EXO-01 is the first entry into wearable exotech for the construction industry, it will not be their last. Hilti’s release states: “There will be more human augmentation developments to come from the brand. The exoskeleton development is initially focused on overhead and shoulder height and above applications because this type of motion is so physically intensive and fatiguing.”

You can read the Hilti’s press release here, watch their teaser video here and see ConstructionDive’s take here.

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