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Adopt-a-Subcontractor Program Extended to September 31, 2020

August 17th, 2020 | by NEWCA

The NEW Construction Alliance is extending its new “Adopt-a-Subcontractor” program.

Like so many things in our industry, COVID-19 has forced the Alliance to come up with creative ways to continue delivering its message and grow its membership.

As we continue to help our members navigate the course back to normalcy
,the Alliance is encouraging our members to consider “adopting” 2-3 of their subcontractors by buying each of them a one-year membership in the Alliance.

“Helping and supporting our subs only makes sense. It makes us better as an industry as well as individual companies within our Northeast Wisconsin construction community,”
Adam Tegelman, director of operations for MCC, Inc. and Alliance chairman said. “And sponsoring them to be part of the NEW Construction Alliance might be one of the best ways to improve the need for collaboration within the industry.”

Membership would benefit any of your subs, but holds a particular value for the smaller and one-man shops who have been particularly hit hard over these past few months. By helping your subcontractors become members of the Alliance, you are not only providing them access to our growing resources, but helping strengthen the industry as a whole.

The Coronavirus crisis has served to further demonstrate the need for a regional organization dedicated to finding solutions to our workforce shortage while improving the construction trades image. The NEW Construction Alliance strives to do that every day and as our membership grows attaining those goals becomes more achievable.

Normally, annual dues are based on the calendar year (January – December) no matter which month a company joins.

But for a limited time, new members joining as part of the Adopt-a-Subcontractor program will receive a full 12-month membership if purchased by September 31, 2020.

Membership dues are based on employee size:
• 1-25 employees  $ 500 per year
• 26-50 employees  $ 750 per year
• 51-150 employees  $1,000 per year
• 151+ employees  $1,500 per year

If you’re interested in participating in the program, please contact our executive director, Joe Giganti at (920) 619-1900 or via email: joe@newconstrutionalliance.org.

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