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COVID Crisis is Catalyst to Fast-Tracking Tech Innovation in Construction

October 22nd, 2020 | by NEWCA

The proverb “necessity is the mother of all invention” traces its origins back to Plato’s Republic. Despite its age, the axiom has once again been proven true during the on-going coronavirus situation, particularly as it relates to technology and the construction industry.

ConstructionDive tackles the topic in a recent article where they observe, “From expanding VPNs to meet higher network demand to giving employees office equipment, contractors and other companies are finding efficient ways to stay productive through the pandemic.”

They continued, “Innovative tech will likely be at the forefront of further transformation for internal and client facing IT processes, even as the pandemic fades. Automation and artificial intelligence are meeting customers in the digital age and have become one way to reduce human-to-human interaction at a time when in-person help is difficult to realize.”

Stephen Franchetti, vice president of IT and business technology for Slack addressed this expansion at a MIT Sloan Digital Learning Series event. Franchetti addressed the core challenges faced by many industries, including in the construction trades.

"The challenge that this has created is there's a lot of silos of data, knowledge, and processes within the organization," said Franchetti. "The digital HQ in the future is all about this integrated work stack with more applications actually coming together and playing well together."

You can read the rest of this in-depth and informative article here.

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