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How Has Construction Faired During COVID-19, The Answer Might Surprise You

November 30th, 2020 | by NEWCA

A recent ConstructionDive article attempts to tackle the question of how well construction has conducted itself during the COVID crisis. The prevailing belief if that construction has adapted well to changes the virus has forced upon its daily operations. Over the past 6 months, has reported several examples of the industry improvising and adapting to keep the industry at the top of its game.

Now ConstructionDive cites recent academic studies, local public health data and “anecdotal media reports” challenging the perception that construction has had a clean bill of health as goes COVID-19 mitigation.

Among the findings the ConstructionDive points to are:

“Construction had 106 COVID-19 outbreaks in Washington state through Nov. 12, the third highest total for all settings, behind only restaurants and produce packing, according to the Washington State Department of Health.

“Construction and manufacturing had the third highest total of all outbreak settings tracked by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services through Nov. 12, behind only long-term care facilities and schools.

“Construction sites account for the second highest number of COVID-19 clusters in Nashville, Tennessee, behind only long-term care facilities and ahead of bars, according to the Metro Public Health Department.”
The article points out that these data points conflict with the “widely held belief that the mitigation steps of screening, personal protective equipment and social distancing practices on jobsites have been effective in curbing workplace spread of the novel coronavirus in the construction industry.”

It also points out that there is no conclusive national data to fully support either position.

You can read more here.

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