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Construction Workers COVID-19 Infection Rate Some of the Highest Across All Industries

December 15th, 2020 | by NEWCA

According to a recent study, construction workers have some of the highest Coronavirus infections rates among all industries.

The preliminary study posits that in a review of asymptomatic cases in the Los Angeles found a positive rate of 5.7 percent in construction workers, which was significantly higher than the next highest group. That group, food services workers, tested at 3.8 percent.

When it came to symptomatic cases, construction took the number two spot with an infection rate of 10.1 percent, which was only second to correctional facility workers at 12.5 percent.

According to workcompcentral.com, “the study examined some 730,000 COVID-19 test results in Los Angeles between August and October.”

You can read more about the study here. ConstructionDive also provided a thorough analysis as well here.

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