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Immel’s Wonderful Women in Construction Part Deux

March 19th, 2020 | Published by NEW Construction Alliance

Last week, The Build Out introduced you to three of Immel’s stars as our on-going coverage of Women in Construction (WIC), and we finish up on their workforce contributions this week.

“I’ve always had a passion for architecture. My dad was a custom cabinet maker when I was growing up and our ‘thing’ every year was to tour the parade of homes and see the elaborate kitchens he built. I finally decided in college to pursue a career in it and ended up completing my associate’s degree at NWTC,” explained Ashlee Everson, estimator for Immel, about how she chose a career in the construction industry. “I was hired right out of college by a concrete subcontractor and worked for them for almost seven years. I wanted to learn more about construction beyond concrete and so I dove into the general contractor business. I worked for the Boldt Company for almost two and a half years as a commercial estimator. Then I made the move to Immel, to work for a smaller and growing contractor.”

Everson believes, “There are definitely things that a woman can bring to the table that men just can’t,” in both the field and the back office citing the wide variety of jobs the industry offers.

As to the advantages of a career in construction, Everson said young girls will, “be surprised at the success you can find in this industry. You can’t be afraid to try it—don’t be intimidated. I saved a ton of money on college by earning my Associates degree. And to be able to find work immediately in my field of study—that is a huge incentive right there!”

Immel’s Connie Lemmen’s agrees. She told The Build Out, “I know the stereotype of a construction worker is male, but there are so many different job opportunities in construction for all. For instance, I’ve been at Immel for 19 years in the accounting department and though I’m not physically constructing the building I feel I’m a vital part of the team effort to complete the project.”

Lemmen’s also had early exposure to the construction industry. “My father’s occupation was in construction, so I grew up in it,” she said. Like many of her counterparts, she the corporate environment is the key to their growth and success: “Immel has a great team environment and they do all that they can to help accomplish what goals their employees and customers have.”

Immel’s WIC team also includes 13-year veteran Deanna Ryan who is a senior project coordinator and Julie Wickert, a payment review administrator who has been with Immel since 2011.

Their longevity speaks volumes to the great company this construction firm has built!

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