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April 30th, 2020 | Published by NEWCA

The Build Out wishes to congratulate Immel Construction on the recent award of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Infrastructure Renovation at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Environmental Sciences building.

 Immel Construction’s work will include demo and renovation to clear the way for mechanical and electrical work throughout the building that will include new water piping, plumbing, air handling units, HVAC equipment, electrical work and more.

“This really isn’t just good news for Immel, but good news for our industry” commented Joe Giganti, executive director of the NEW Construction Alliance.  “At a time when there’s a lot of uncertainty, the construction industry continues to demonstrate its staying power.   I talk to construction professionals just about every day—owners and managers of big, medium and smaller companies—and they are all, thankfully, staying busy.”

Giganti shared that most of the companies he has spoken to have projects schedules for most of the remainder of 2020. This despite the many challenges caused by the COVID-19 related closures and slowdowns.  Construction was deemed essential in most states, but the ripple effect of other industry closures have been felt within construction as well.

 “The current environment provides construction a unique opportunity to shine,” Giganti continued.  “We have an historic number of people applying for unemployment and unable to work through no fault of their own.  Ours is an industry that is in need of heavy infusion of workers and we offer great salaries, excellent benefits and the chance to move up the ladder. As an industry, we need to capitalize on this rare alignment of factors to share our message with the tens of thousands of people sitting at home wishing they could be back at work.”

Immel shared with The Build Out that is currently looking to fill seven superintendent and two sales rep positions among others.  “We need to get our message out there: ‘Construction is open for business and we want you to join us,’” concluded Giganti.

You can learn more about Immel Construction here.

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